Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Update

Could have been better, as in don't make yummy muffins because you'll eat them too. Could have been worse, as in we were busy so I didn't snack too much. My exercise was limited to me carrying my 40 lb child kicking and screaming from our friends' house to the car, and from the car to our house. If you've never done this before you should try it, it's a fantastic whole body workout. You work your arms, legs, core muscles, and your heart rate really increases; not recommended if you have high blood pressure, a bad back, or are carrying a kid that is not your own.

Today is grocery shopping day, so I am making out my meals for the week. I also need to make sure I put some healthy snacks on my list, otherwise I don't buy them and I resort to what my husband brings home from the convenience store, which is never healthy. I need to start munching on more fruits and veggies, when I have them here I do tend to eat them. Basically I need to follow the rules I set for my kids. Fresh veggie with lunch, cooked veggie with dinner, whole grains, lean meat, and a small treat after dinner and if you're hungry after that you can have some fruit or veggies. Easier said than done though.

I have also been trying to buy more organic for the whole family. The kids have always gotten mainly organic, there are just too many hormones, pesticides, and fertilizers used in foods for me to be ok with giving it to my kids. Cost is obviously an issue and when corners have to be cut it's the food for me and my husband that is cut. However, now that both girls eat almost everything that my husband and I eat I have been purchasing more and more organic foods for the entire family.I feel like this can only be a change for the better for my whole family and I'm sure Whole Foods enjoys having a more frequent customer as well.


  1. Do you have a Kroger or Central Market? their store brand organics make eating organic much more affordable. You might also look into the frontier co-op on TM ;) Amazon sells lots of organic stuff that you can get free if you do swagbucks etc!

    Do you have a popcorn popper? Air popped popcorn with just a little salt is a really filling snack, and the kids love it too! ;)

  2. No, neither of those. But we have Stop and Shop and their brand is a bit lower in price for some things. I tend to do Whole Foods for big stock ups on things and do Trader Joe's, Stop and Shop, and Super Walmart in between which helps keep costs down. And I do Swagbucks, but we're saving up for a new carseat since 40lbs tends to be the cut off for most 5 pt harnesses and she's not ready for a booster yet.

    No popper :( but I sometimes buy the plain bags and add some salt to it which is decent too.